Time to slow down with Koya Webb: 3 yoga poses for runners

HOKA fan Koya Webb says that both yoga and running have greatly impacted her life. Running serves as her stress relief, while yoga keeps her flexible and strong for runs.  Koya originally discovered her love of  yoga when she was injured as a Division I track athlete. “Yoga was a gift that healed my body, mind and spirit,” she says. Now, she practices yoga every day and integrates simple poses before and after her runs.


Here are three of Koya’s go-to yoga poses that help improve strength and flexibility in runners and yogis of all abilities.

  1. Forward fold

This stretch will help target your hamstrings after a hard run. Focus on melting your heart toward your thighs. To build in a hip stretch, try bending one knee and really lean into the movement, then switch.

2. Wide leg forward fold

You may already be doing this yoga pose as a part of your cool-down, but you can mix it up by pointing your toes slightly inward to get more out of this stretch. Walk your hands to each side and hold to give your tired legs some individualized love and attention.

3. Triangle Pose

Start with both feet facing one direction. Shift your weight to your back leg and lean sideways as you motion your arms perpendicular to the ground. If you’re feeling unstable, try a wider stance to keep yourself grounded.

If you need more guidance, check out the video below for Koya’s demonstrations.

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Runner’s Best Friend: Dogs of HOKA

Something many runners have in common is a love of dogs. No one appreciates joining you on the trails more than your four legged friend. There is also nothing better than coming home to a dog after a long race for some quality recovery couch time. We celebrate our loyal running buddies. Get to know some of your favorite HOKA Athlete’s dogs, Vika, Oakley, Quinn, and Rosie.

Vika: Nikki Kimball‘s English Pointer


Favorite activity: It’s a tie between running and lying on the couch.

Favorite treat: Greenies

Worst habit: Eating couches. 

Favorite place to run: Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, MT

Favorite distance to run: As long as possible, but I try to cut him off at 3 hours.

Instagram: @vikabirddog

Oakley & Quinn: Amy Van Alstine‘s Jackabees (Beagle/Russell Terrier)

Amy dog

Favorite activity: Eating, hunting chipmunks 

Favorite treat: Flagstaff farmer’s market bones

Worst habit: Eating plants that cause them to get surgery (Quinn) and costs their mom thousands of dollars.

Favorite place to run: Any dirt road in Flagstaff and they also love to run on soft grass.

Favorite distance to run: Quinn: 4-8 miles, she can go pretty far. Oakley: 1 mile.. He’s a little fat and has short legs.

Instagram: @amylynne87

Rosbud (Rosie): Mike Wardian‘s Vizsla

rosie and me-nosleeptillauburn

Favorite activity: Cuddling, Running, Chasing Squirrels, Sleeping

Favorite treat: Butter

Worst habit: Barking..she likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Favorite place to run: Trails, especially the Potomac Heritage Trail.

Favorite distance to run: The longest she has gone so far is about 9 miles, but would say her favorite distance is about 90 mins or 7-8 miles.

Instagram: @rosievizslaruns

They might be balls of endless energy, but we love them anyway. Happy National Dog Day from HOKA.

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A bonus photo of Nikki Kimball’s dog, Vika.