Look Good, Feel Good with Tisha Lanni



My name is Tisha Lanni, and I’m a 44-year-old Jamaican native and mom to Kyra (16), Kayla (12), and Mariana (11). I ran track and field throughout most of my youth, owning the 200 and 400-meter sprints. I was raised in a very religious household and knew at a very young age that I wanted to inspire people and change lives. Still, I knew I did not want to be a pastor, even though it would have made my grandmother incredibly proud!

At the age of 18, I moved to South Florida where I spent most of my adult life. It was there where I met Marc Lanni, who introduced me to the gym where I found my first fitness community. Even though I knew no one’s name for the first six months, my spot would be saved in every class. The gym became a lifestyle. At the time, I was attending school, majoring in Human Resources Business Management. But because of my love for this new community, I decided to also obtain my Group Fitness certification, which came in handy immediately. To my surprise, one day while attending my regular Friday 5:00 PM cycle class, the instructor had an emergency and was unable to make the class. I, Tisha Wisdom at the time, jumped in and taught my very first cycle class. And now, 22 years later I’m still loving it!

In 2006, I earned my 1st-degree black belt in mixed martial arts (that was the most disciplined five years of my life). I later moved to New York, where I capitalized on the opportunity in the small town of Vestal and opened my own fitness studio. It was an immediate success and I had clients of all ages. The “Factory of Fitness” quickly became the local fitness community, and it was trending with the latest workout equipment and programs. Still, the key ingredient to our success was creating a community of like-minded people that found value in living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. As successful as The Factory of Fitness was, a different opportunity presented itself in Houston, Texas, which ended up being another life-changing experience for me.

I relocated to Houston in June of 2011, where the most significant chapter of my life started. Being a hands-on mom in a new state with a three and six-year-old and no close family or friends, owning my own studio was not an option. A mom I met through my youngest daughter invited me to Life Time Fitness. “It has your face all over it,” she told me. Of course, she was one hundred percent correct. Soon after, I took my very first group fitness class, “Strike.” Strike kickboxing is a martial arts-inspired class, and I loved it. Immediately after the class, I decided to join Life Time Fitness. I loved everything that the organization had to offer. Not being able to own my studio at that point in my life, Life Time offered all the tools and resources to continue doing what I loved the most. Nine months later, I found myself as a Studio Manager. This journey that started with my own small studio in New York has now led me to an organization that supplies all the tools and resources for me to continue doing what I love, without the responsibilities of being a business owner.


This brings me to today; at 44 years old, I am living my healthiest and best life ever. Within my ten years at Life Time Fitness, I have held the position of studio manager, regional area lead, and national talent scout recruiter. With all these experiences under my belt, it has been a fantastic journey and a life fulfilling experience. I work among a team of like-minded individuals who live to positively change lives daily, which helps me live each day with authentic passion.

This pandemic has made me very honored to have the platform I have today. Like I mentioned earlier, I knew I wanted to change lives, but I did not want to be a pastor. Having this platform allows me to create a community where we can all come together, be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, humbles me every day.

As a Studio Manager, I lead a group of 33 elite individuals. I get to teach and take their group fitness classes. I love Strike Kickboxing: it’s my martial-arts outlet. Cycle is how I started group fitness, so I love the format, and after years of track, it’s very easy on the knees and hips. I enjoy and take all group fitness formats and indulge in one or two classes daily.


I do believe that if you look good, you feel good! So my workout apparel not only needs to be practical but also trendy and fashionable. Because I love high-intensity classes which include a lot of agility and lateral movements, I need my shoes to be light but very supportive of my skinny ankles. My obsession with HOKA started during quarantine, as I had to start running outside. I had invested in a pair of HOKA Elevon 2 shoes, which turned out to be the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. My joints did not get fatigued from all the outdoor running!

Then came my HOKA Hupana Flow; I am obsessed with them for Strike Kickboxing because they are incredibly light and super supportive. My favorite thing about them is feeling like I’m barefoot but still get support. It also makes kicking a whole lot smoother and easier on my joints. Lastly, I love my HOKA Mach 3 shoes for cross-training because they are lightweight with a low profile and good heel cushion that allows for support when doing lunges and squats. If I had to pick my overall favorite, it would be my Hupanas because they make pivoting a world of difference. I feel like a butterfly:) Call me crazy, but like Muhammad Ali said, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” and that’s exactly how I feel during Strike Kickboxing wearing my Hupanas. I also just received my Hupana Slips, and I can’t wait to rock those and I’m looking forward to the no-lace.


I’m a huge fan of the HOKA performance crop tights because the stitching causes no discomfort while sitting in the saddle on my bike, and the pockets are perfectly placed to store credit card, cash, and office key. The bonus with my performance crop tights is the fabric doesn’t stick to me while riding or working out. Another bonus since I do work eight hours a day is that they dry so fast that I don’t have to change immediately after a class. Another one of my must-have HOKA apparel items is the women’s performance knit 3″ shorts…love, love, love them for Strike Kickboxing and kickboxing classes. They make me look and feel like an MMA fighter. Range of motion is everything when it comes to martial arts and my woven shorts allow me to be fully mobile and ready to kick. Having a slit on each side allows for various ranges of motion including side kicks, roundhouse kicks, knees, basically any form of strike you can think of. I love the cut and the fit. Not to mention it’s not flamboyant but still feminine with a little sexiness and a little badass at the same time. I also can wear them for day to day activities. Like when I’m riding my cruiser on a hot day!

My other favorite piece of the HOKA workout apparel is their sports bra! Like I mentioned earlier, I like high-intensity workouts, so I need real support while maintaining my fashion sense. The design, razorback cut, and straps anchor the bra close to the body, providing more support. The fit is perfectly snug without being too tight, has enough support to control up and down movements while avoiding discomfort and pain. The padding in the performance sport bra is extremely thin, which is important for me.

HOKA offers all the apparel that I need for training. As we all know, if you look good, you feel good! #TimeToFly