Go with the flow

Screen-Shot-2017-02-08-at-2.13.40-PM“As a mom who works a full-time job, I live for weekends. I often miss out on family breakfasts, early morning dog walks, and coffee with my husband so I can get my training in before I go to work. When Friday rolls around, I’ve dreamed up a plan of where I am going to take my son, which mountain we will summit together, and what trail I will show him next. Perhaps it is a sense of guilt for not being around as much as I would love to during the week, but I always have a big plan. This past weekend, I was on a mission to take my family for a big adventure, but my son politely said ‘mommy, normal kids don’t climb mountains and hike all day every weekend.’ Ouch that hurt — a lot. I didn’t want to burst his 11-year-old bubble by letting him know that his mom was not normal and for that reason alone he wasn’t either. I listened and decided to take a different approach, slower approach than usually.

We decided to parked a couple of miles away from the ocean and take a meandering trail along a river through forests and meadows to Limantour Beach. Once at the beach, we couldn’t get him away from chasing the waves. He ran, skipped, and jumped along the shore for at least an hour. Plus, we still had two miles to hike back to the car, which we made just in time for the sunset. We ended up having a wonderful day — without climbing a mountain. I learned a valuable lesson from my son that day. Sometimes just going with the flow can be just as epic as conquering a summit.” – HOKA Athlete Magda Boulet

Magda’s favorite shoe is the Clayton


Shark attack victim returns to running

Screen-Shot-2017-02-08-at-3.07.26-PM“The biggest limitation I felt right after the shark attack was not being able to get in the water for at bit. But, I am extremely fortunate to have the help of my prosthetic sponsor. I have access to legs for everything from surfing to running. If anything, since the attack, so many doors have opened to things that I never would have been involved with if it never happened.

I didn’t start running after the attack until last year when I went to Iceland to visit my prosthetic company and got a running leg. That first run after not running for 17 years was life changing. It felt so good to move. I must have looked like a newborn giraffe, awkward, and unsure of my strides. But the feeling was incredible. I was literally in tears. I had been asked almost daily up to that point, “What can you do with your prosthetic leg?” The answer was everything but run. To be able to finally run was a defining moment.” – HOKA Fan Mike Coots

Mike’s favorite shoe is the Vanquish 3.


Enjoy the moments with your little one

Screen-Shot-2017-02-08-at-3.10.33-PM“Watching your baby grow up is a special time and one you can’t get back. Running is always there for you, so enjoy the moments with your little one, and then focus on yourself and your goals once you are 100% ready. I try to make the most of my time training when I’m away from my babies. Since I’m choosing to be away from them—which isn’t easy—I try to be 100% focused on the workouts I need to do. That way I can feel I’m making the most of my time.” – HOKA Athlete Stephanie Bruce

Stephanie’s favorite shoe is the Tracer.


Explore versatility

Screen-Shot-2017-02-08-at-1.23.13-PM“I want to explore my versatility as a runner. Yes the marathon is my heart and soul, and ultimately where my success lies in for my career, but I don’t want that to limit the other possibilities. I know that if I set these goals to challenge my comfort zone as a runner, I will also be challenged in my role as a mom, a coach, a wife, a teammate, and as a business owner. Just know that you have never failed or missed an opportunity because there’s always a new one around the corner.”- HOKA Athlete Stephanie Bruce

Stephanie’s favorite shoe is the Tracer.


Flat Stanley, meet Flat Bruce

Screen-Shot-2017-02-07-at-1.02.50-PM“I started the #flatbruce in March of 2015. I was running a race in Phoenix (Mountain to Fountain) and thought ‘Why not put a pic of myself all ready to race?’ There are so many pictures of people laying out their uniform, with the bib pinned to it — gels, shoes, gloves, etc. Honestly, I always found that a bit boring. A shirt and a bib is just that, where is the person behind that? The person who is going to race? So I thought I’d just do that in person and make it fun. I have tried to do a #flatbruce at every race I have run since. Sometimes I have people join in on the fun. Just a few days ago I had comment on my Instagram from a lady that noticed me on the canal in Phoenix. She said she noticed me from Instagram and almost yelled flatbruce. Unfortunately, she didn’t say it. It was fun to read the comment, but I was bummed she didn’t actually yell flatbruce. It would have made my day. “- HOKA Athlete Ben Bruce

Bruce’s favorite shoe is the Tracer.